2010 Guadalajara, Mexico

Prototype development in collaboration with OPA and TOA. Follow the development under “News

2007 Zanzibar

Based on previous installation in Cheing Mai, Thailand two new Supergas systems were installed on Zanzibar in collaboration with the non-governmental organizations “Dantan” and “ZALWEDA”. The two organisation are continuing installing more Supergas systems on Zanzibar. Here is the link to their project on Zanzibar

2002 Cheing Mai, Thailand

A new version of the Supergas system, using hard watercontainers, was installed at The Land in Cheing Mai, Thailand.

2001 Cambodia

Test carried out in collaboration with UTA University of Tropical Agriculture in Cambodia and Thomas Preston. Thomas Preston is known for the development of the tubular biogas system.

1997 Morogoro, Tanzania

A pilot project raised in central Tanzania in 1997 has delivered the most promising prospects for future interventions. The design and aesthetic value of the plant has been welcomed, and the biogas system is therefore considered a prestige object desired by the decision makers in the domestic households in the area.

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